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U.S. and Overseas Schools and Institutions, Get Your Science Event on Our Global Map: Host a Satellite Event or Affiliate Festival
Can’t come to DC but want to be part of the largest celebration of science in the US? Host an event or Festival in your community and put it on our global map!

Whether you are an outreach organization, student club, school, university, museum, community organization or company in the U.S. or overseas, why not put on your own celebration of science or engineering the same month that hundreds of thousands of people will be celebrating the wonders of science and innovation at the Festival’s Expo in Washington, D.C.?

Satellite Events Map
In 2010, we had over 80
Satellite Events across the nation

Our goal is to have hundreds of Satellite Events and Affiliate Festivals throughout the country and around the world anchored to the USA Science & Engineering Festival Expo to be held in April 2012. You can make your Satellite Event or Affiliate Festival as small or as big as you want. The important thing is that it is free and open to the general public, fun and educational! So get your event on our global map today!

What’s the difference between a Satellite Event and an Affiliate Festival? While Satellite Events take place during the month of April 2012 and are typically smaller in nature, Affiliate Festivals take place any time of year and are larger, multi-day festivals with a regional emphasis.

To get your ideas flowing, here are just a few examples from last year:

In Iowa, Moms got a well-deserved Night Out, learning about science & engineering, with babysitting services provided! With two locations and over 12,000 attendees, the first New Jersey Science & Engineering Festival was a huge success! The first North Carolina Science Festivalengaged nearly 100,000 people in the excitement and joy of science through over 400 events that took place across the state from September 11-26, 2010. In San Diego, kids got to explore the kelp forest at the Ocean Discovery Institute. View last year’s Satellite Event map to see all of the exciting events which took place!

Adding your event to the directory and map is easy: Even if you don’t yet know all your event details, simply

fill out our online form to let us know about your event. Once approved, we will provide you with a link to add your event information to the map and directory. We look forward to hearing from you soon!


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